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Romanian Taragot

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The taragot is a single reed instrument that’s widely used in both Romanian and Hungarian folk music. It’s a cross between a clarinet and a saxophone: it’s made of wood, like a clarinet, but has a conical bore like a saxophone. Other traditional Transylvanian instruments include fiddle, contra (a 3-string viola with a flat bridge), cimbalom (a large box with metal strings over the top, which are struck with a pair of beaters), utogardon (a percussive instrument that looks like a cello and is hit with a stick) and double bass.

Rumanian Taragot (or Tárogató in Hungarian)











Romanian Taragot Player

















One of the most famous Taragot players is Dumitru Fărcaş, who was born in Northern Romania. Here’s a youtube video of him performing: